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is this puppet 3? I shall suppose it is.

With the parameter name of "bar", you likely trigger the automagic hiera
lookup of foo::bar, which is (naturally) not done using hiera_array.
Apparently, this overrides the explicit call to hiera_array.

I'm not sure wether that's as designed, you may want to open a bug if in
It is indeed puppet 3.$latest, and I shall indeed consider it a bug,
unless it's explicitly documented to be a feature.
This really is a feature. The order that puppet3 will look for values
for parameters is as follows:

1. Explicitly passed parameters, e.g. using the class resource syntax
class {'foo': bar => 'some value'}

2. Automatic lookup of parameter values in hiera

3. Parameter default values (what you provide with $foo = ... in the
class definition.)

The reason is so that you can override class default values by providing
a value with hiera. Doing any other order simply doesn't make sense for
general use.

For example, I make a class:

   class server ( $database = 'mysql' ) { ... }
   include server

Then in my hiera yaml file, I set the database type to postgres instead:
   server::database: postgresql

In this case, I'd expect the value from hiera to override the default
parameter value, and the server would be installed with postgres, not

Calvin Walton <calvin.walton@kepstin.ca>

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