I figured out a way around this little problem, in our environment we also
monitored the ILO and iDrac (remote console) ports on the servers. Before
puppet we included a custom variable called _bmc_address <ipaddress> and
then had a command in turn that used this variable. Since we intergrated
puppet we had to figure out a way around this, instead we changed the
command to look like this in the nagios config file

command_line $USER1$/check_ping -H $ARG1$ -w 3000.0,80% -c 5000.0,100% -p 5

the $ARG1$ is the trick, this way when I do the service definition I can do
this in the puppet exported resource:

check_command => "check_ipmi_ping!${::ipmi_ipaddress}",

Where the $::ipmi_address is a custom Facter fact we made that reads the
output of "ipmitool lan print 1".

This allows us to assocatiate the service correctly with the hostname, but
use a different address that the host's primary address.

BTW - I literally just implemented and tested this tonight. The reason I
came across this post was because I was searching for how to use custom
variables in nagios with nagios resources in puppet. :)

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013 9:38:28 AM UTC-4, Mason wrote:

Nagios support "custom object variables" (
buy prefixing them with an underscore:

define host{
host_name linuxserver
*_mac_address 00:06:5B:A6:AD:AA*
* _rack_number R32*

However, I can't determine how to use these with puppet nagios resources.
I'm assuming they aren't supported, but I'm also hoping that I just missed
it in the documentation. Is anyone creating custom nagios object variables
with puppet?

Thanks for the help.

— Mason Turner
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