Well I've been using an initial solution for the past month or two which
seems to be working ok.

I have a custom puppet function that reads the version of the artifact
being deployed and I add that to the mcollective facts.yaml file at the
same time that the artifact is deployed. I've also got a groovy script
which I've put up on GitHub (
that runs as part of the Jenkins deployment job that finds the correct
instances, triggers a puppet run, then waits until all the instances show
the new version in their facts. It handles the situation where puppet is
already running, and also has timeouts so the script doesn't run forever.

The only problem is that sometimes (although it's started to get more
frequent) the script reaches it's timeout waiting for the new version to
show in the facts, the timeout is pretty generous and is certainly longer
than a puppet run and an mcollective restart would take, and the facts are
being updated correctly. Does mcollective have a cache or something that
would prevent the new values being returned to the mco client on the Jenins


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