You were right about the require overrides, I moved those into the exported
sources instead (looks cleaner that way anyway)

and adding 2 collector lines, one for "everyone else" and one "for myself"
worked as you suggested, thanks.
On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 1:07:50 PM UTC-4, jcbollinger wrote:

On Tuesday, August 13, 2013 12:29:51 PM UTC-5, Chuck Bredestege wrote:

I'm trying to create a ssh class where the /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts and
/etc/ssh/shosts.equiv stays updated. The issue i'm finding is that if I
include a "tag == anything" in the Collector filter, it collects all
resources EXCEPT it's own. In this case, the known_hosts and .equiv files
will have all the other hostnames, but not it's own hostname. If I remove
the "tag ==" line it works as expected. I tested this with a common tag
"ssh" which I verified is in puppetdb on both exports.

[root@csep0501 ssh]# rpm -qa | grep puppet

(where $dsitename is the lowercase version of a global fact)

@@sshkey{ "${::fqdn}-ssh-pubkey" :
tag => $dsitename,

ensure => present,
host_aliases => [ $::hostname ],
key => $::sshrsakey,
name => $::fqdn,
type => 'ssh-rsa',

@@file_line{ "${::fqdn}-shosts.equiv" :
tag => $dsitename,
path => "/etc/ssh/shosts.equiv",
ensure => present,
line => "+${::fqdn}",

notify { 'testmessage' :
message => "Downcased sitename is $dsitename",

Sshkey <<| tag == 'ssh' and tag == $dsitename |>> {
require => File['/etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts'],
File_line <<| tag == 'ssh' and tag == $dsitename and path ==
"/etc/ssh/shosts.equiv" |>> {
require => File['/etc/ssh/shosts.equiv'],
Why do you need parameter overrides for 'require'? Does it not work to
declare those directly in the original resource declarations?

Anyway, this looks similar to http://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/11049.
Can you work around it by explicitly collecting the node's own resources?
For example, add

Sshkey <<| title == "${::fqdn}-ssh-pubkey" |>>
File_line <<| title == "${::fqdn}-shosts.equiv" |>>

(with the 'require' override too, if that turns out to be necessary).

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