So, I've been looking into the params pattern for writing modules, ie.
having a params.pp file that init.pp inherits from as a place to use custom
logic to set variables, and it seems very useful. I do have one question
that I'm hoping someone can answer. If, for example, I look at an example42
module, everything is in params.pp. On the other hand, looking at, say,
puppetlabs modules, there's some mixing, with the case statements
determining variable contents living in params.pp, but with straightforward
string and boolean values stored between params.pp and the argument list in
init.pp, with seemingly little logic dictating what goes where.

Basically, what's people thoughts on the value of having every single
variable defined in params.pp, vs only the complex, logicky ones, and also,
in the case that I'm being dense, can someone explain the logic behind the
puppetlabs modules.

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