fair enough, what I was trying to say, was my disappointment on how the
cloud provisioning project was being lead (basically nothing happens in the
project for months, as you can see in their redmine). Of course puppet is a
great piece of software and I don't deny that it is mostly my inexperience
with it that is the problem here. However it is not good if a community
driven project straight ignores community given bug reports wouldn't you


thanks for the script, fired it up and got some errors:

ubuntu@server:~$ ruby testguid.rb
`from_raw': Invalid GUID raw bytes, length must be 16 bytes (ArgumentError)
from testguir.rb:21:in `<main>'

Not sure what the problem is though.

Any ideas?


W dniu czwartek, 8 sierpnia 2013 14:38:43 UTC+1 użytkownik jcbollinger

On Wednesday, August 7, 2013 7:27:38 AM UTC-5, Piotr Jasiulewicz wrote:

It's somewhat disappointing that puppet labs expresses commercialism in
such a nasty way, just breaking the free stuff and giving you an option to
pay for it... will try on a different system and then switch to Chef.
That would be disappointing if it were accurate, but I don't see any
reason to think it is. In fact, I would be very surprised indeed to find
that PuppetLabs had intentionally broken anything in the open source
project. Indeed, the fact that it is open source rather protects against
it, for any breakage PL might hypothetically introduce could and surely
would be fixed by third parties. In all likelihood, the project would
fork, which would not be a good result for PL.

Instead, I think the Enterprise version adds careful installation
engineering and testing (among other things) to ensure that everything
works out of the box. That includes managing third party gems -- versions,
installation locations, etc. -- so that they work correctly with the Puppet
installation. There are any number of ways they otherwise might fail to do
so, by no fault of PL's, and I think it's likely that you have stumbled on
one of those.

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