Honestly, it just sounds like your system is having trouble locating the
guid gem. try this script:

require 'guid'

   # generate a GUID
   g = Guid.new
   puts g
   puts g.to_s
   puts g.hexdigest
   puts g.raw.inspect
   puts g.raw.length

   # generate another GUID, should be different everytime
   g2 = Guid.new
   puts g == g2

   # convert a hexstring into Guid object
   g3 = Guid.from_s(g.to_s)
   puts g3
   puts g == g3

   # convert a raw 16-byte string into Guid object
   g4 = Guid.from_raw(g.raw.inspect)
   puts g4
   puts g == g4

Just some test functions for the gem. Run with ruby scriptname.rb. You should see some guids and hexy things and true or false values.

If it errors out, either you didn't install the guid gem correctly or your ruby environment is slightly borked. If it does work, something else is going on.

On Wednesday, August 7, 2013 5:27:38 AM UTC-7, Piotr Jasiulewicz wrote:

It's somewhat disappointing that puppet labs expresses commercialism in
such a nasty way, just breaking the free stuff and giving you an option to
pay for it... will try on a different system and then switch to Chef.


W dniu czwartek, 25 lipca 2013 17:35:10 UTC+1 użytkownik Piotr Jasiulewicz
Is puppet enterprise free also? Not sure I would get consent from my
boss... it's a bit sad that the provisioning project looks totally
neglected by puppet labs.
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