Hey guys,

https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-ntp/pull/80 adds some fairly
significant changes and so I wanted to put it up for review early before
going any further.

The big change is that it gets rid of the distro specific templates in
favor of one more sophisticated template we can start adding options to and
increasing the flexibility of.

To that end it adds a bunch of params to handle ntp keys - is there anyone
on the list using ntp keys? If so does this feature make sense to you? Do
you want more? less? different things?

We add preferred_servers for dalen. Hopefully this is what he wanted!

We add driftfile as a param in case you like to store it in non-standard
places. :)

Anyway, hopefully you guys can tear this apart and find all the flaws and
suggest missing features. I would appreciate any reviews of the new
template especially as now is the time to find gaps and flaws in it!


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