I have noticed a very strance problem with my current puppet setup on
one of the nodes.

This is very peculiar problem indeed.

I have class php which looks like this:

# Class: php$major
# This module manages php$major installation for CentOS 5
class php (
    $major = $php::params::major,
    $package_ensure = $php::params::package_ensure,
    $timezone = $::timezone,
) inherits php::params {
    # packages from CentOS base
    package { 'php':
      ensure => $package_ensure,
      name => "php${major}",
    package { 'php-cli':
      ensure => $package_ensure,
      name => "php${major}-cli",
    package { 'php-common':
      ensure => $package_ensure,
      name => "php${major}-common",

    file { '/etc/php.d/timezone.ini':
      ensure => file,
      owner => root,
      group => root,
      mode => '0644',
      content => template('php/timezone.ini.erb'),
      require => Package['php-common'],

Now, I have many subclases for php modules, like this one:

# Class: php::mod::bcmath
class php::mod::bcmath (
    $major = $php::major,
    $package_ensure = $php::package_ensure,
) inherits php {
    package { 'php-bcmath':
      ensure => $package_ensure,
      name => "php${major}-bcmath",

It's obvious that this class inherits class php.

Now, I have a following classes that include the php:

class system::templates::php {
    include ::php
    include ::php::mod::bcmath

But I also have a class system::php ,which only brings
/etc/php.d/system.ini :

class system::php {
    file { '/etc/php.d/system.ini': }

Now, strange thing is, if system::php is present, puppet does automatic
include on every node that has some of the php::mod::* included...
But if I rm -f system/manifests/php.pp, not a single node reports an

So, it's obvious that system::php is being pulled in catalog somehow, I
presume by the 'inherits php' code from php submodules. I have alot of
other code around, so I didn't (yet) try to code up the minimal possible
code that causes this behaviour... But sure as hell this is unintended
in my case...

I was pretty cautious in specifying top scope in numeros occasions when
including or requiring classes, but this time I thing that 'inherits'
bit me...

Has anyone had similar problems? Should I change my classes code in some
way to avoid this kind of issues in the future?

Jakov Sosic

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