On 07/20/2013 06:31 AM, Wil Cooley wrote:

That would probably be safest and easiest. I have often lamented that HA
cluster systems don't seem to support two nodes that are "differently"
active (2 VIPs for 2 DNS servers, for example). Or at least, I've not
found clear and obvious docs supporting that.
That is certainly possible. I have set up one HA cluster with two named
(bind) daemons, each in it's own ha-service with it's own IP. Each can
run on node1 or node2 of the cluster. Second bind is set up to do zone
transfers from the first.

Also, I've set up mysql master and mysql slave, both as HA services in
same cluster. Master runs on node1 and slave on node2 as it's respective
primary. In case of failure of node2, slave failovers to node1, and vice
versa. Both servers share FC storage.

But, I don't know how puppet internals work in detail (like CA and
things like that), and that's why I don't just jump in the fire and
worry later...

It seems to me that I'd be setting up simple ha-service
(failover/failback) and forget about LB for a time being :)

Jakov Sosic

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