On 07/19/2013 09:16 AM, Wil Cooley wrote:

- Reports processed with "rrdgraph" seem like a big risk.

- The CA store seems highly vulnerable to race conditions, unless you
have such a low rate of node provisioning you can guarantee serial
access -- but you probably would not need an HA setup in that case.
I thought that only problem in this case could be two nodes
simoultanously sending certificate request, which could cause the certs
to get same serial, but couldn't that be solved just by issuing
revocation for that serial?
- The filebucket I would expect to be risky -- seems like a high
probability of attempted concurrent writes of the same file.
While? If one client connects only to one master per run?

You might consider an active/passive setup with a front-end load
balancer, where one of the above data subsets is effectively read-only
for the passive server. You could distribute the load by taking
advantage of the ability to configure the various master roles
(fileserver, catalog, inventory, filebucket, CA, etc.) with different
hostnames and ports. It would still be a risk of corruption in a
split-brain situation, but that's often (always?) a danger with
shared-storage filesystems.
We don't have such a high volume environment but we do have two machines
at our disposal. So why not set up LB instead of simple HA...

I'm still considering solutions, although one of the most easier to set
up is simple HA through RHEL Cluster, with failover/failback in case of
the primary node failure.

Jakov Sosic

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