I'm trying to program custom type for managing Couchbase buckets.

Problem is that every RW operation to Couchbase cluster (creating,
deleting, resizing bucket) requires admin privileges (username/password).

Do you have any suggestion how should I pass the username/password to
provider? If I make it a param, then every resource of type
'couchbucket' will need to have 'username =>' and 'password =>' params,
which will (probably) be the same across the board.

Now, to circumvent that repetition, I'm thinking of maybe setting
something like:

Couchbucket {
   username => $::couchbase::admin_user,
   password => $::couchbase::admin_password,

in the '::couchbase' class. Offcourse there will be similar settings for
hostname and port of the couchnode, and probably something like purge =>

But still, if someone wants to use the type without including the base
class, this is obviously not a viable option, because he will have to
address the username/password in every couchbucket resource definition.

So, what I am interested in is your opinion about how to proceed with
this one.

Jakov Sosic

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