On Jul 9, 2013, at 8:36 PM, Mani Devarajan wrote:

We have close to 10 nodes running puppet agent, and currently all of them download same file from puppet master.

Current definition:
file { /etc/test.conf:
mode => 440,
owner => root,
group => root,
content => template('vem/test.conf.erb')

New definition:
We want this file to be download host specific. so that unique file is downloaded for each host based on the host name.
Is this doable. Appreciate any guidance with this problem.

Mani, this is where facts come into play. If your requirements per hostname are fairly unique, you can have a different template for each hostname, using something like this:

$test_template = "vem/test.conf-${hostname}.erb"

file { '/etc/test.conf':
     ensure => file,
     owner => 'root',
     group => 'root',
     mode => '0440',
     content => template($test_template)

This would populate the /etc/test.conf file on a node named node1 with the contents of, for example, the vem/test.conf-node1.erb template. If the differences between each hostname's conf file are small, you should put your logic within the existing test.conf.erb template:

# exact match example
<% if @hostname == ("node1") then -%>
     option1 = <%= some_facter_fact %>
<% end -%>

# inverse match example
<% if @hostname != ("node1") then -%>
     option1 = <%= another_facter_fact %>
<% end -%>

# this or that match
<% if @hostname == ("node3" or "node4") then -%>
     option2 = <%= a_different_facter_fact %>
<% end -%>

You can get a list of all the facts puppet knows about by running 'facter --puppet' on your nodes.

Peter Bukowinski

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