I have a case where I need to somehow access a variable in a defined
type, which is built from the parameters of the defined type (and
possibly other sources). As far as I can tell, doing this directly is
not possible, nor have I found a good way to do so indirectly.

Here's an example:

   # hypothetical 3rd-party or internal module
   define openssl_keypair {
     include openssl_keypair::param

     $keyfile = "${openssl_keypair::param::keydir}/${title}.key"
     $certfile = "${openssl_keypair::param::certdir}/${title}.crt"

     file { $keyfile: ... }
     file { $certfile: ... }

   # 3rd party: torian/ldap
   class ldap::server::master(..., $ssl_cert, $ssl_key, ...) {
     # $ssl_* used in a template, augeas, etc
     # pretend this class does not include file resources for these

   # 3rd party: puppetlabs/apache
   class apache::vhost(..., $ssl_cert, $ssl_key, ...) {
     # likewise

Now I want to use these:

     openssl_keypair { 'foo.example.com': }
     apache::vhost { ...
       ssl_cert => '/etc/pki/tls/...', # Damn, gotta hard-code this
       ssl_cert => '/etc/pki/tls/...',

I think you can see where I'm going with this -- the only way to know
what the former's $keyfile and $certfile are is to somehow refer to
these variables but from what I can tell, that is not possible.

Does anyone see a good way around it, given the current and planned
future? I considered that there could be a hash-of-hashes somewhere,
with the openssl_keypair's $title as key and sub-keys for keyfile,
certfile, but while looking at the 2.7 language spec:

     Significant Bugs: Mutability

     Due to a bug in Puppet, hashes are mutable — their contents can be
changed within a given scope. New elements can be added by assigning a
value to a previously unused key ($myhash[new_key] = "New value"),
although existing keys cannot be reassigned.

     This behavior is considered a bug; do not use it. It will not be
removed during the Puppet 2.7 series, but may be removed thereafter
without a deprecation period.


This section is absent from the reference for v3, so I presume this
bug was fixed.

Any ideas? I can imagine doing something really yucky with a function
or template.

Does anyone else see this as useful? Should I open an FR for it? I did
not find anything already in existence.


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