On 05/07/2013 06:28 AM, Alex Jurkiewicz wrote:
Hi all,

I'm working to migrate our ~500 DNS records from bind flat files to
individual route53 resources. Each route53 resource definition is very
slow -- checking a record exists requires 2 API lookups and adding
requires 3, which means a resource can take >5seconds to run. This
implies a massive slowdown for Puppet -- our current catalogs finish in
90seconds and this migration will add 40 minutes(!) to that.

I can probably cache more to speed up these resources, but a significant
increase in Puppet run-time seems inevitable. I'm worried that longer
run-times are going to be a problem as I move more and more system
config from file resources to custom Puppet types.

How are people dealing with this sort of slowdown? Do I live with it, or
is there a solution?
I had the same issue with my own 'cobblersystem' type. Each parameter
had at least 1 API or cli call.

After that I changed the provider to use prefetching. That means 1 API
call to get all the systems with all the parameters at once... Thing got
~9 times faster.

I suggest you to rewrite your provider also...

Jakov Sosic

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