On Thursday, June 27, 2013 6:33:37 AM UTC-5, Ken Barber wrote:

* The ports that all nodes share in common I am adding to the
modules/my_firewall/manifests/init.pp file, but the ports that are specific
to a node I am adding to the node definition in manifests/site.pp. What
should I do to prevent the firewall rules from becoming unwieldy in my
site.pp file? It is fine if there are only a few ports open, but once I
start adding a lot of ports to the nodes it gets rather big. Any
suggestions, or is it common to have rather large node definitions?
You can of course provide a list of dport/sport's as an array -

I have been doing that for services with multiple ports. The only service I
haven't figured out out to join in one statement was DNS which requires
port 53 with TCP and UDP. When I tried making that an array, it only set
TCP and not UDP:
proto => ['tcp','udp'],

When I set it to 'all' it worked, but I would rather just have two rules
then 'all'. ;-)

however I normally associate a firewall port being opened with a
particular class/app and have the firewall definition defined there,
then by including the class you get the open port. For example, my
mysql module would open port 3306.
That is a great idea. It also ensures that I don't forget to open the
firewall when I add a module to a new system.

Yeah, it was made up - or at least, it was an old range that was
changed later on.

Great. I just wanted to ensure I wasn't going to cause myself problems for
picking numbers so high.

Thanks Ken!

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