Thank you very much Joe. I think this exactly the path that I need but I am
having trouble with it.

As I said, I have multiple systems that this repo class watches over. Thus,
for one of several instances, I have things like:

if $osfamily == 'RedHat' {
     class {'repos::epel': }

The sub-class epel.pp file configures the EPEL repository for the RHEL,
Scientific, CentOS, Fedora, ect. However, trying to anchor that caused a
bunch of odd errors (it is entirely possible I didn't do it right).

I also have the main configuration in a large case statement that manages
the main configuration in sub-classes for all operating systems (thus only
some sub-classes are ever called). This too is causing me some issues.

I think it is because I don't fully understand how the anchor is supposed
to work and the examples listed are a bit simplistic with both a require
and a notify. But what if I need it to require only if it matches certain

I poked around in a few other modules seeing if I could find more examples,
but came up empty.

Does anyone know where I can view more examples/code for some guidance?


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