I'm having some trouble getting a silent install of Firefox to run with the
windows package provider. My manifest looks like this:

package { "Firefox Setup 21.0":
  ensure => installed,
  source => 'C:\\Files\\Firefox Setup 21.0.exe',
  install_options => ['/S']
When this is executed by 'puppet apply', the following windows command line
is executed:

cmd.exe /c start /w "C:\\Files\\Firefox Setup 21.0.exe" /S

If this didn't have the '/S' parameter, it would work, but with the '/S'
parameter, it returns an "Incorrect function" error. According to some blog
posts I have found (e.g.
http://www.catonrug.net/2013/04/start-wait-quotes-invalid-switch.html ),
this is a result of the "START" command believing that the '/S' switch is
intended for the "START" command, rather than passing it to the Firefox
setup exe.

One way of resolving this is to add a "title" parameter to the START
command, which makes it interpret the rest of the line as parameters.

First, am I missing something? Is anybody else using the EXE package
provider and seeing this problem?

If this is a real problem, should I submit a bug and patch, or would
someone else like to verify my assumptions?


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