I'm testing a 'cleanup' stage which runs after Stage[main] and removes a bunch of package resources.

To do this, I tried a simple check of defined(Package[<foo>]) combined with a custom facter fact (called 'app_packages'):
class app::package::cleaner {

define check_and_remove {
if !defined(Package[$title]) {
package { $title:
ensure => absent

$apps = split($::app_packages, ',')
check_and_remove { $apps: }


node 'foo' {
class { 'app::package::cleaner': stage => 'cleanup' }
Unfortunately, this results in a dependency cycle. It appears that putting the Package[$title] resource reference in defined() actually invokes an implicit dependency between my cleanup helper resource in the cleanup stage and the original Package resource in the main stage.
Augeas[redacted] => Service[iptables] => Class[Iptables] => Stage[main] => Stage[cleanup] => Class[App::Package::Cleaner] => App::Package::Cleaner::Check_and_remove[package-434] => Package[package-434] => Exec[app-graceful-restart] => Class[App] => Stage[main]
Is this implicit dependency expected behaviour or am I doing something Bad(tm)?


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