Hi all,
I have started with puppet recently and the intention is to manage network
devices, for now I'm working with a switch (cisco catalyst 2950) and trying
to configure ports.

I installed puppet following the installation guide on puppetlabs.com

OS: CentOS 6
Services running: puppetmaster & puppet
Puppet version: 3.2.1

When I execute "puppet device -v" I have the following output

# puppet device -v
Info: starting applying configuration to switch1 at
Info: Retrieving plugin
Info: Caching catalog for switch1
Info: Applying configuration version '1370281505'
Error: Could not prefetch interface provider 'cisco': Unknown switchport
mode: dynamic desirable for FastEthernet0/1
Notice: /Stage[main]//Node[switch1]/Interface[Fa0/1]/description: defined
'description' as 'Hello Switch'
Error: /Stage[main]//Node[switch1]/Interface[Fa0/1]: Could not evaluate:
undefined method `command' for #<Puppet::Type::Interface:0x7fc7cc1b7e48>
Notice: Finished catalog run in 12.81 seconds

Content of device.conf:

   type cisco
   url telnet://root:password@

Content of site.pp:

#import "templates"
import "node"

Content of node.pp

node "switch1"{
   interface {
         description => "Hello Switch"


I can telnet the switch at that IP directly from the terminal and able to
change configuration.

Is there anything else which needs to be configured? or am I doing
something wrong?
Please help me out, stuck with this error from 2 days.

I appreciate your time and help


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