Hi folks,

I've been staring for a long time now at this issue in the
PostgreSQL puppet module, discussing whether to

   "Implement database, database_user, and database_grant provider"

The bug has been closed and that's a little unsatisfying.
database, database_user and database_grant are resources internal
to puppet, but only puppetlabs-mysql implements them.

It's clear to me that one might have to break compatibility
with the current *mysql* module to be able to introduce these
resources into puppetlabs-postgresql.

I'll explain my patch below, but I'd first like to know if there's
any interest in this happening from either puppetlabs-mysql or
puppetlabs-postgresql users and developers! I am generally more
concerned with puppetlabs-mysql here, because its development seems
to have stagnated, judging from the bug reports and the pull requests:



* * * *

My take on this (see attachment or this paste: http://apaste.info/jH0C )
is to first add the ability to use "host/netmask" or "network/netmask"
as mysql $host that the mysql user is connecting.

This is something that mysql can do, even though it's not often
used, it seems, but it's pretty much standard in PostgreSQL land's
pg_hba.conf. I'm using the # as new seperator instead of /
That's where I break compatibility, but that's also what makes the regex
instantly more readable, because I avoid the dreaded toothpicks.

That's all from me. I ♥ly welcome your comments,

-- i
Igor Galić

Tel: +43 (0) 664 886 22 883
Mail: i.galic@brainsware.org
URL: http://brainsware.org/
GPG: 6880 4155 74BD FD7C B515 2EA5 4B1D 9E08 A097 C9AE

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