I've been having the same issue with my new MCollective setup and a quick
look in the client.rb file reveals this function on the line 99 area:

raise(MsgDoesNotMatchRequestID, "Message reqid #{requestid} does not match
our reqid #{reply.requestid}") unless reply.requestid == requestid
  rescue SecurityValidationFailed => e
  Log.warn("Ignoring a message that did not pass security validations")

and looking in the logs you can find the request ID for the mco command:

base.rb:178:in `create_request' Encoding a request for agent 'discovery' in
collective mcollective with request id 2f1214f66d1f5741bb79daa26ed6316e
client.rb:51:in `sendreq' Sending request 2f1214f66d1f5741bb79daa26ed6316e
to the discovery agent with ttl 60 in collective mcollective

So it would seem that the client is expecting the reponse from the server
to have the same requestid as the one it sent, but for some reason they are
different. If the server is using SSL to generate/verify these request id's
it may point to a cert or pki mismatch issue but so far I haven't been able
to sport anything wrong with either. Ruvy isn't my strong suit so it will
probably need a ruby dev or one of the puppet team to explain how these ids
are generated and verified.

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