There are other ways. None are nice and clean, but a custom fact just
for this seems overkill.

Here's a quick example of how I've implemented creating a default
~/.gitconfig for users if it doesn't exist, but not modify it if it's
already there or has been modified.

     $gitconfig_user_name = $mymodule::uservar::fullname[$title]
     $gitconfig_user_email = "${title}@example.com"
     file { "${home}/.gitconfig":
       owner => $owner,
       group => $group,
       mode => '0644',
       require => Exec["create-gitconfig-${title}"],
     exec { "create-gitconfig-${title}":
       command => template('mymodule/user/gitconfig.erb'),
       require => User[$title],
       creates => "${home}/.gitconfig",

The gitconfig.erb has the following content :
/bin/cat > <%= home %>/.gitconfig << EOF
  name = <%= @gitconfig_user_name %>
  email = <%= @gitconfig_user_email %>

Basically, just don't have either 'source' nor 'content' for your file
resource, and create the initial content using an exec with the
'creates' condition.


Dan White wrote:
Short Answer: You need to create a custom fact that would drive the
decision to create the new file resource.

I just went thru this issue and also performing an action based on
whether or not a package (RPM in my case) is installed.

Same answer to both.

For the existence of a file, you can do this:

test -f /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php
echo "is_my_file_there=${rc}"

That goes into /etc/facter/facts.d/ as an executable shell script and
then in your manifest:

if $::is_my_file_there != 0 {
file { 'autoconfig.php':

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I would like to run the File resource below:

file { 'autoconfig.php':
path => '/var/www/owncloud/config/autoconfig.php',
ensure => file,
owner => 'www-data',
group => 'www-data',
content => template("owncloud/autoconfig.php.erb"),

only when a specific file (in my
case: /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php) is missing. Is this
somehow possible? Couldn't find my case in the puppet

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