I'm new to using the puppetlabs/mysql forge module and having trouble
creating the user for performing backups. My guess is that I'm overlooking
something simple... Any advise is appreciated!

I'm using puppet 3.1.1 on the master and puppet 2.7.14 on the node both on
RHEL 6.0, mysql 5.1.47, mysql module 0.6.1 and stdlib module 4.1.0

I get the following error:
err: /Stage[main]/Mysql::Backup/Database_user[backup@localhost]/ensure:
change from absent to present failed: Execution of '/usr/bin/mysql
--defaults-file=/root/.my.cnf mysql -e create user 'backup'@'localhost'
identified by PASSWORD '*BD5515535695CE93D0D73DB8B4C3297B61184286''
returned 1: *ERROR 1227 (42000) at line 1: Access denied; you need the
CREATE USER privilege for this operation*
notice: /Stage[main]/Mysql::Backup/Database_grant[backup@localhost]:
Dependency Database_user[backup@localhost] has failures: true
warning: /Stage[main]/Mysql::Backup/Database_grant[backup@localhost]:
Skipping because of failed dependencies

For the following puppet code:

     Database {
         require => Class['mysql::server'],

     class { 'mysql': }
     class { 'mysql::java': }
     class { 'mysql::server':
         config_hash => { 'root_password' => "${dbPassword}" },
     database { [ 'dbname1', dbname2' ] :
         ensure => present,
         charset => 'latin1',
     class { 'mysql::backup':
         backupuser => "${dbBackupUser}",
         backuppassword => "${dbBackupPassword}",
         backupdir => "${dbBackupDir}",

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