Hi all,

I'm stuck in the hell of class dependencies and hope that someone here
can help me.

Puppet-Version is 2.7.21
It's the Debian Squeeze package from the Puppetlabs Repo.

I want one class to manage everything database related. So I call it in
"site.pp" like this:

   node client1 {
     class { 'database': }

It's parameterized and uses default values. The class "database"
declares(executes) other classes.

Now to my problem. I have a "sub"-class "database::packages" which must
be executed before every other stuff inside the database class. Here is
the code:

1 class database {
2 class { 'database::packages': } ->
3 # setup data dirs
4 class { 'database::directories':
5 # require => Class['database::packages'],
6 }
7 # Class['database::packages'] -> Class['database::directories']
8 }

I tried three different things. None of them worked. First one is the
chaining arrow in line 2. The next two tries I left commented out. In
line 5 I tried to require the "packages" class inside the "directories"
class declaration. And last in line 7 I tried the chaining again.

Whenever I run this code on a client, the "directories" class gets
executed first and fails, because it needs a specific user which is
setup in the "packages" class.

BTW: I also tried to put the code from line 7 inside the "sub"-classes.

Thanks for any help.

Cheers, Shorty

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