Hi List,

I have running installation of the puppet-dashboard (a really nice tool)
and import my classes and group according to my need with the following
small bash lines.

# add classes into dashboard
for name in `ls /var/lib/puppet/manifests/classes/ | sed s/\.pp$//g -`
   do rake -f /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/Rakefile RAILS_ENV=production
nodeclass:add name=$name;

# add nodes to its classes
for node in `find /var/lib/puppet/manifests/nodes/ | sed s/.*net\.pp$//g -`
   do for class in `grep include $node | sed s/include//g -`
     do rake -f /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/Rakefile RAILS_ENV=production
node:addclass name=`echo $node | sed s/\.pp$//g - | cut -c30-100 -`

# add groups into dashboard
for group in `find /var/lib/puppet/manifests/nodes/ -name *net.pp | cut
-c33-100 | sed s/\.pp//g -`;
   do rake -f /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/Rakefile RAILS_ENV=production
nodegroup:add name=$group;

# add noeds to its group
for node in `find /var/lib/puppet/manifests/nodes/ | sed s/.*net\.pp//g -`;
   do group=`grep inherits $node | awk '{split($0,a,"\""); print a[4]}'`;
   rake -f /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/Rakefile RAILS_ENV=production
node:addgroup name=`echo $node | sed s/\.pp//g - | cut -c30-100 -`

# add classes to a group
for group in `find /var/lib/puppet/manifests/nodes/ -name "*net\.pp"`;
   do for class in `grep include $group | sed s/include//g -`;
     do rake -f /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/Rakefile RAILS_ENV=production
nodegroup:addclass name=`echo $group | sed s/\.pp$//g - | cut -c33-100 -`

But in any way I have two questions.

1.) Way are the classes not imported automatically like the nodes? I know
that the better way would be to use modules but till now I could not change
all me classes to modules and in anyway modules are also not imported
directly into the puppet-dashboard.

2.) I have now groups that have some classes and some nodes. And even if I
click on a node I can see the classes that it has from its group (really
cool). But why is the counter of a classes that belonges to a group not
increased by the number of the nodes in the group?

Thanks for any reason in advance

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