I'll continue the discussion there after opening the issue :-)

On Saturday, May 18, 2013 1:18:07 AM UTC+2, Lelutin wrote:
On 17/05/13 03:45 AM, sjr wrote:
I have done a quick&dirty hack to the APT provider and it works when
installing a new package I can enforce a version and hold it. But from
my minor mod to a proper patch...there is still much work to do, so
that's why I was looking for comments, opinions, and so on about this
well I can't really think of why both features should be exclusive (the
current state).

"holding" a package doesn't ensure a particular version other than the
one that's already currently installed, which is not particularly precise.

so it'd be interesting to make them separate (maybe just have a "hold"
parameter to the type)

the best place to discuss your patch and implementation/design details
would probably be on the puppet-dev list. and maybe open up an issue on
redmine first and refer to it on the list. that way you can get people
to vote on the issue to show support ;)

Gabriel Filion
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