On 15 May 2013 19:33, jcbollinger wrote:
On Wednesday, May 15, 2013 10:45:19 AM UTC-5, Dick Davies wrote:

<%- if yum_proxy_url != false %>
# use proxy
proxy=<%=yum_proxy_url %>
<% end -%>

which is a bit more readable. Not really clear why the : != false part is
required, but
feels cleaner to me.
In other words, yes, you do need all the same logic in all the same
places. In that case, your only real option is to choose the special value
you like best. Personally, I find the empty string very appropriate, and
whereas there could conceivably be a machine named "false", but there
cannot be one named "". Still, it's a matter of taste.
Absolutely - see your point - it looks to me like the template is treating
literal false (not "false")
as a string rather than a boolean.
I might be wrong but my reading is that hiera can return booleans as well
as strings,
so maybe it's a template thing? Anyway, spent enough time on this for now -

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