Hi Puppet Users :-)

I've been looking for information on how to hold packages on Debian because
we maintain a bunch of package that are either part of our products or they
are not available in Debian repos.

The thing is we would like to be able to specify a version for the package
and tell dpkg to hold it to prevent unwanted upgrades (mainly because human
errors). As I haven't been able to get it working with current APT provider
I would like if with its current status this is possible...


package {['puppet', 'puppet-common']:
   ensure => '2.7.21-1puppetlabs1',
   hold => true,

I know I could get around having a defined type or other kind of trick but
I really would like to do it with the provider as I think it's part of
package management.

Would this be a feature of interest for Puppet users in Debian/Ubuntu? I
know Debian is quite conservative about package versions so I can imagine
many platforms that are in no need for this feature but I also think has to
be quite some people in similar situation...

The puppet version we are currently using is 2.7.21-1puppetlabs1 and for
now it's not running in daemon mode.


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