I put server_id.rb in

on puppet server how do you build upon this to create a master-slave
relationship through puppet. I have a mysql db on db01.xxx.xxx and a slave
on db02.xxx.xxx

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010 8:42:49 AM UTC-7, Disconnect wrote:

I use a custom fact in modules/mysql/lib/facter/server_id.rb:
# Converts ip address to long for mysql id
def get_mysql_id
mysql_id = nil;
mysql_id = Facter.ipaddress.split('.').inject(0) {|total,value| (total
<< 8 ) + value.to_i}

Facter.add("mysql_server_id") do
setcode do

Then the mysql_id is used by the template as the node id.

On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 8:49 AM, Tore <tore....@gmail.com <javascript:>>wrote:
I use cobbler and I push certain information to the kickstarting
system via ksmeta, e.g.:

cobbler system add --name=rhel-32bit --mac=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX [...] --
ksmeta="swap=256 puppet=true"

This example allows us to define the swap size and if puppet should be
installed and configured. We use the last part alot to allow people to
deploy a test node which have a lifespan of <7 days.

Is this helpful?

On 27 Jul, 23:27, Matthew Macdonald-Wallace
Hi all,

I'm trying to work on a solution to setting up mysql in a semi-automated
fashion using facts to populate a puppet template.

I'm using Cobbler as my build system and I was hoping to pass the values
needed for replicate_do_db and server_id as ksmeta information, however
it's looking increasingly unlikely that will work.

Can anyone share how they configure MySQL for this kind of thing using
puppet given that multiple servers may be replicating different
databases and all servers require a unique ID?

Thanks in advance,

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace
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