Hi all

I have a scenario in mind for MCollective and I was looking for
some feedback

The basic idea is this:
1) A code push to Git triggers a Jenkins build
2) A successful build triggers automatic deployment to an automated
functional test environment
3) Functional tests run automatically and the results are reported etc

This is just basic CI practice and 1) and 3) are sorted, the only issues
are with 2) and the trigger for 3). The deployment job in Jenkins just
copies files up to the Puppet master ready for deployment and service
restarts etc etc, however with a basic puppet setup one has to wait for the
clients to run to pickup the new changes and restart services etc and only
then can Jenkins run the automated tests.

So the plan is for Jenkins to trigger a run on all the required Puppet
clients via MCollective (filtered by environment), synchronously wait for
the clients to finish and then run the tests. This has another advantage in
that we can back off the Puppet run interval (as important changes are
triggered by MCollective) which gives the Puppet master a bit of breathing
room, and the clients can just check-in every hour or so to check
everything is in order.

This also extends to deployments to other environments that have manual
deployment triggers such as a QA environment. Even though the deployment is
triggered by the QA team, the upload of the artifacts, running of puppet
clients and notification of a successful deployment should all be automated.

1): Does this make sense as a pattern, if not what is the best practice for
implementing this part of the CI and CD pipeline with puppet / jenkins /
mcollective etc?

2): How would this work in practice. I can run "mco puppet runonce" which
is fine, but if I filter by environment "mco puppet runonce --environment
aft" I get the "Cannot specify any custom puppet options when the daemon is
running" error. I can workaround this by stopping the daemons on every box,
however this means that the clients no-longer check in periodically. Is
there a fix for this or would you recommend turning them off anyway when
using a tool such as MCollective and doing ALL configuration updates via
MCollective triggers?

3) I need to do some more testing now, but just in case anyone knows off
the top of their heads, will an MCollective runonce call be synchronous,
i.e. will the mco call only finish once each client has reported that they
have finished their runs? If it's not, does anyone know of a good way to
check for a finished deployment (some command line wizardry with mco puppet
status / mco puppet summary, etc)?

I have done my research with Google and read a fair amount about
MCollective from various sources during the investigation and
implementation, however if this is already documented or I'm missing
something stupid I apologise in advance


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