I have two machine named puppetserver and db01 with CentOS-6.2(64-bit).

    On db01: I am configuring pacemaker and heartbeat using puppet manifests
present on puppetserver. I am also automating the network settings using
here i am adding the GATEWAY in "*/etc/sysconfig/network*" file using
puppet manifests.

After deploying the respective manifests pacemaker and heartbeat working
*But, after rebooting the machine, heartbeat service is unable to start (on

*Discription of error log:*
May 08 11:52:27 db01 heartbeat: [3423]: info: respawn directive: root
May 08 11:52:27 db01 heartbeat: [3423]: info: AUTH: i=1: key = 0x15b89b0,
auth=0x7f5c36e15db0, authname=sha1
May 08 11:52:27 db01 heartbeat: [3423]: ERROR: Current node [db01] not in
May 08 11:52:27 db01 heartbeat: [3423]: info: By default, cluster nodes are
named by `uname -n` and must be declared with a 'node' directive in the
ha.cf file.
May 08 11:52:27 db01 heartbeat: [3423]: info: See also:
May 08 11:52:27 db01 heartbeat: [3423]: WARN: Logging daemon is disabled
--enabling logging daemon is recommended
May 08 11:52:27 db01 heartbeat: [3423]: ERROR: Configuration error,
heartbeat not started.

If i add the GATEWAY parameter in the "/etc/sysconfig/network" file *
manually* then it works fine even after rebooting.

1. If i change the '/etc/sysconfig/network' file using puppet manifests the
heartbeat service not start.
    Is there any problem if i change "*/etc/sysconfig/network*" file using
puppet manifests.

2. Somebody faced similar or any other problem on editing or transferring '*
/etc/sysconfig/network*' file using puppet manifests.

Any pointers or help!!!

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Khengare

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