Hi All,

I currently have two puppet masters which are "load balanced" with round
robin DNS (one is also the CA). I'm using dns_alt_names to let them each
answer to puppet.my.domain.com

For the past year this has been fine.

Today I'm trying to add a third & while all my Linux clients seem happy
with the new arrangement, my smaller number of FreeBSD9 systems fail with:

puppet-agent[73345]: Failed to apply catalog: SSL_connect returned=1
errno=0 state=SSLv2/v3 read server hello A: (null)

when hitting the newly deployed server. To make matters more frustrating
openssl s_client -connect puppet.my.domain.com:8140 seems to work from the
failing clients to the new server and if I give the specific host name as
the --server argument (rather than the alternative name that get the round
robin dns) puppet agent connects runs properly.

All clients and servers are running Puppet 3.1.1

Any pointers on where to look or guess at what I got wrong?


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