Excerpts from treydock's message of 2013-05-06 20:04:16 +0200:
Has anyone run into an issue with zfsonlinux >= 0.6.1 failing to work with
the Facter zpool_version fact? I get the following error "Could not
retrieve zfs_version: undefined method `captures' for nil:NilClass" which a
bug report [1] indicates was fixed. I'm curious if it's a real issue. I
have a code change to contribute that has a seperate means of checking
zpool_version using "confine :kernel => "Linux"". Should this be a new bug
or attached to the other recent bug [1] ?

Ran into with puppet-3.1.1 and facter-1.7.0
Could you please open a new bug, and join the output of "zpool upgrade -v"
and "zfs upgrade -v" on your system with zfsonlinux ?
I believe the underlying problem is that the "zpool upgrade -v" in
zfsonlinux does not output the version number anymore. Using a basic
"dmesg | grep 'ZFS:'" with the same "captures" line seems to work. I
uploaded my module [2] with the proposed facter fact addition if someone
would like to confirm this. I have only confirmed in vagrant tests,
haven't pushed to my Puppet master yet, but I saw the symptoms on my live
Basing facts on "dmesg | grep" seems quite fragile to me, as the messages
will eventually get rotated away of the output of dmesg.

Do you know if there are any other ways to get the zpool version, when
using zfsonlinux ?

Thanks !

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