The puppetmasters are under the authority and control of a specific group
(not mine ;-) ). Client sysadmins have control over the node manifests
and, to a certain extent, can modify the puppet modules.

One of the modules (and potentially others) used by my group uses a lot
of files that may get changed frequently. Rather than embedding them
in the module' files/ tree, I would like to set up one of our group's
clients as a fileserver and have the module reference them from there
rather than from the default location (the puppetmaster).

One major advantage to doing this is that we could update the files
directly, using whatever mechanism suits our purposes best, as opposed
to treating updates as a change to the module and having to update
the module itself.

So far I have found absolutely *no* documentation on how to set up a
client to function as a fileserver.

To experiment, I updated the fileserver.conf and auth.conf on the
fileserver-to-be client, and put some files into it by hand. I made
sure that the agent was listening for requests. I then tried playing
with it through the REST API:


Attempts to fetch a file (using http://$CLIENT:8139/$ENV/file_contents/...)
resulted in:

No specified acceptable formats (*/*) are functional on this machine

Changing the Accept: request header field just resulted in the '*/*'
in the message changing to match.

Can anyone point me to documentation on how a client can be set up as a
and what needs to be done to make the files servable? (Presumably just
them in place is insufficient; some sort of metadata probably need to
is my guess.)


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