Thanks for all the pointers in the right direction. I was finally able to
figure it out today. I figured I would post my solution in case someone
else finds this thread later on and might be able to use it. I am running
this on a few servers successfully, but again, I just figured it out today
so this is what I would call "beta" (at best). :-D

This is just the module needed in SELinux for puppet to mount a Panasas
device + the commands I used to create the module. After the module is
loaded either restart the puppet service or wait till its next go and it
should auto mount the device.

Hope it helps! And thanks again!

$ cat panfs.te
module panfs 1.4;
require {
type node_t;
type sysctl_vm_t;
type mount_t;
class capability net_raw;
class dir search;
class file read;
class rawip_socket { read bind create getattr write ioctl shutdown
node_bind };
#============= mount_t ==============
allow mount_t node_t:rawip_socket node_bind;
allow mount_t self:rawip_socket { bind create ioctl shutdown write read
getattr };
allow mount_t self:capability net_raw;
allow mount_t sysctl_vm_t:dir search;
allow mount_t sysctl_vm_t:file read;

$ checkmodule -M -m panfs.te -o panfs.mod
$ semodule_package -o panfs.pp -m panfs.mod
$ semodule -i panfs.pp

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