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Can you tell me some more detail about puppetlabs_stdlib? I am unfamiliar
with this module. I read on it but not sure specifically how you are using
stdlib provides many useful functions, most of which are called by other

The use that relates to this case is "facter-dot-d" see
a write up.

The simple case (which is the one we use is making a plain text file in
/etc/facter/facts.d (anything in there ending in .txt gets parsed as plain
text)) with key=value pairs that then become facter facts.

for example on my puppet managed workstation:

$ cat /etc/facter/facts.d/csail.txt

So when puppet runs the fact "role" is set to "wkst" which pulls in the
right classes to make a generic workstation, the fact "group" mentioned
above is undefined which is OK there's just no customization based on
groups and "autofs" is a facter key that our local wkst module looks at to
see if our NFS automount should be configured or not. By default we don't
but the local root user can define this to true and on the next puppet run
the config will happen for them.

We install the stdlib module on the puppet masters (implemneted as a git
submodule in our git repo) and use "pluginsync=true" on the clients to pull
down the bits they need from this and other modules. Though you could
distribute the required facter-dot-d.rb file in other ways, pluginsync is
most convenient for us.


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