Interesting that I didn't have MCollective installed on either agent. Is
there any other service that I need to get this live management to "work"?
MCollective is installed on both now, just trying to trawl through the
limited README to configure it.
I'm finding it perturbing that there's not a huge amount of documentation
on this (and what there is seems out of date), despite the age of the
On Friday, 22 March 2013 09:49:57 UTC, Steve F wrote:

Hi all,

First off, I'm very much a new user when it comes to Puppet, just trying
to get my head around all that it can do so I'm assuming I've missed
something extremely obvious.

I have a small setup consisting of three virtual machines on the same
subnet who can all happily talk to each other and run puppet agent -t with
no problems.

There is the master running the learning VM from their tutorial
[root@learn modules]# facter puppetversion
2.7.19 (Puppet Enterprise 2.7.0)

An agent (also running the learning VM in agent only mode:
[root@agent1 modules]# facter puppetversion
2.7.19 (Puppet Enterprise 2.7.0)

and a second agent which I've configured from scratch.
[root@agent2 modules]# facter operatingsystem operatingsystemrelease
operatingsystem => CentOS
operatingsystemrelease => 6.4
[root@agent2 modules]# facter puppetversion

While I know there are issues with running puppet 3.x.x with a 2.7.x
version of Enterprise, I only seem to get warnings so far.
My main problem is that I cannot see either agent under the Live
Management portion of the Enterprise console running on the master. They
appear as nodes everywhere else, but I cannot force a single run instance
or query packages, users etc from the console.

Anyone have any ideas?

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