Thanks Calvin, It is working for me now. There is another issue which I
noticed in Mysql is, I have set the root password in config.pp as below.

class mysql::config(
* $root_password = 'Pa$$word!',*
$old_root_password = '',
$bind_address = $mysql::params::bind_address,
$port = $mysql::params::port,
$etc_root_password = $mysql::params::etc_root_pass

and server.pp as

class mysql::server (
$package_name = $mysql::params::server_package_name,
$package_ensure = 'present',
$service_name = $mysql::params::service_name,
$service_provider = $mysql::params::service_provider,
* $config_hash = { 'root_password' => 'Pa$$word!'}*,
$enabled = true,
$manage_service = true
) inherits mysql::params {

issues which I am facing here is ,when I type mysql command and enter
without asking credetial its is going to mysql console. If trued with mysql
-u root -p Pa$$word!, and its working as well..How can I restrict that
mysql command enter to without credential to console?


On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 6:32 PM, Calvin Walton wrote:
On Thu, 2013-03-21 at 03:37 -0700, Jithin Xavier wrote:
Hello All,

I wanted to create two two MySQL database with same user credential using
Puppet-MySQL. How can I achieve this? Please find my script below.

class mysql::vsdatabase {
include mysql
mysql::db { 'vidispine':
user => 'user',
password => 'user123',
host => 'db.<hostname>.com',

How can I add another database here with same credential.(If I create
different Class with different database and same credential I am getting
below error.
The current git version of the mysql module has a fix for this error:

but it has not yet been released. In the mean time, you can separately
use the underlying resources: (The mysql::db type is just a
convenience), just add additional 'database' and 'database_grant'
resources as needed:

database { 'vidispine':
ensure => 'present',
charset => 'utf-8',
provider => 'mysql',
require => Class['mysql::server'],

database_user { 'user@example.com':
ensure => 'present',
password_hash => mysql_password('user123'),
provider => 'mysql',
require => Database['vidispine'],

database_grant { 'user@example.com/vidispine':
privileges => 'all',
provider => 'mysql',
require => Database_user['user@example.com'],

Calvin Walton <calvin.walton@kepstin.ca>

Jithin Xavier
Skype- jithinxavi

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