I use the same small script to bootstrap puppet on any server whether
it's EC2 or not. It

1) sets the hostname
2) installs puppet
3) sets the puppet master in puppet.conf
4) runs puppet

I sign the cert and from that point on use an ENC (I like Foreman) to
add classes, set environments, parameters, etc.

btw, in Foreman 3 you can launch EC2 instances directly from Foreman
already configured. 1.1 is out now with full Puppet 3 support.

On Mar 9, 12:41 am, sylvainkalache wrote:

I'm looking for the best way to integrate Puppet with EC2, I read
posts on that group but they are all old, I wanted to know if things
have changed since then.

So far here are the possibilities I found to tight EC2 with Puppet:

-Use the instance name as reference like  <instance_id>-<puppetclass>-
<environment> -http://bit.ly/YitdC3
-Use the instance security group as reference -http://bit.ly/YitdC3
-Use the user-data, populate with JSON and parse on the puppet master
side -http://bit.ly/13MsfGe
-Use the user-data, but parse on client side with facter -http://bit.ly/XZlVXD

I don't like to use the name or security as reference at these data
has not been designed for this.
I don't like user-data because you can't change them after the
instance is launched.

Finally I found all the approach kind of dirty for something which is
widely used. Are they other possibilities?
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