I have a mysql database which stores host informations,so I wrote a
function to get some values.

- Here is the function rb(this function should return the type I defined
in the database):


require "mysql"

module Puppet::Parser::Functions

newfunction(:hosttype, :type => :rvalue, :doc => "Gets host type from
db.") do |args|

dbh = Mysql.real_connect("mysql_server_ip", "username", "password",

res = dbh.query("SELECT host_type FROM host_extra_info where
name='" + args[0] + "'")

# return res.fetch_row

puts res.fetch_row


dbh.close if dbh



- Also I wrote a .pp file to test it:


$extraaaaa = hosttype("my_hostname")

notify { $extraaaaa: }

Test results(the red value is the query result from db):

[root@pm tmp]# puppet 1.pp

notice: server

notice: /Stage[main]//Notify[server]/message: defined 'message' as 'server'

notice: Finished catalog run in 0.06 seconds

It looks right,but when I use it in my module manifests,it didn't work!

- my custom module manifests:


class custom::extracache {

$extra_info = hosttype($hostname)

notify { test:

message => "$extra_info"


file { "/etc/puppet/host_extra_info.cache":

content => "$extra_info",



Puppet run results:

[root@pm tmp]# puppet agent --onetime --no-daemonize --verbose

info: Retrieving plugin

content changed '{md5}2493078b3c7e78b5c9e26b35bb1ccd85' to

info: Loading downloaded plugin

info: Caching catalog for xxxxxxx

info: Applying configuration version '1362562073'


notice: /Stage[main]/Custom::Extracache/Notify[test]/message: defined
'message' as ''

notice: Finished catalog run in 0.73 seconds

It becomes nil,and I just don't know why.

Any reply I will appreciate!

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