Hi All,

I am trying to install Java or ActiveMQ manually into my agent server from
master, Installation is working fine for me, but the issues which I am
facing is whenever I run *puppet agent -t* in my agent ActiveMQ installing
again and again,basically ActiveMQ installation is not checking in my

1.) How we can check custom service running using manifest? 2) How we can
achieve this with conditional(if,else...) statement?

Please find my code below..

class activemq {
include wget::gxactivemq

exec { 'ActiveMQExe':
command => "/bin/tar xzf
cwd => "/gx/mnt/software/ESB/",
require => [wget::fetch["activemqDownload"]],

logoutput => true,
file { '/gx/logical/ESB/':
ensure => link,
owner => "ubuntu",
group => "ubuntu",
target => '/gx/mnt/software/ESB/',
require => [Exec["ActiveMQExe"]],
file { '/gx/logical/ESB/apache-activemq-5.5.1':
ensure => "directory",
owner => "ubuntu",
group => "ubuntu",
recurse => true,
require => [Exec["ActiveMQExe"],File["/gx/logical/ESB/"]],
file { '/gx/logical/ESB/apache-activemq-5.5.1/conf':
ensure => "directory",
owner => "ubuntu",
group => "ubuntu",
mode => 777,
recurse => true,
require => [Exec["ActiveMQExe"],File["/gx/logical/ESB/"]],


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