On Friday, February 8, 2013 12:35:38 PM UTC-6, Gavin Williams wrote:

Cheers for the response.

I've added another file to the gist -
https://gist.github.com/fatmcgav/4722199#file-oracle-pp. This is a
snippet from the top-level manifest that is responsible for calling the *'remove'
*define using *'create_resources'*.
Well, you certainly do have more relationships than you need, and generally
speaking, more than you need is more than you want. It is not immediately
evident to me why some of the dependencies are being generated, but you
should start by removing all unnecessary relationships.

In particular, there is no need to have relationships among the variousact::util::linux::nfs_mount instances, because it doesn't matter in what
relative order these are applied. Furthermore, not all of them even depend
on the $tier1_prefix directory, because some of the mount points are

I don't know about File["${oracle_sid}_profile"], Oranfstab[$oracle_sid],
and Oratab[$oracle_sid], but surely each of these depends on AT MOST one of
the *::nfs_mount resources. Where there is such a dependency, declare that
and only that. Alternatively move all the *::nfs_mount mount resources to
a separate defined type, maybe act::env::oracle::instance::netapp::mount,
and declare dependencies to that.

Consider also declaring your relationships via the 'before' and / or
'require' resource metaparameters instead of via the chain operator. It *
shouldn't* make a difference, but perhaps you have stumbled on a bug.

You do have some needed relationships in there, but it looks like you've
spent a lot of effort mostly to bracket the operations with "Preparing to
remove ..." and "Removed ..." messages. That's your prerogative, of
course, but do you realize that nothing you've written prevents other
resources from elsewhere being applied between the ones in your chain? If
you have a large catalog then that's in fact likely to happen, so your
notification messages have the potential to be deceptive.


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