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Sent: Friday, February 8, 2013 8:18:54 PM
Subject: Still getting an error....Re: [Puppet Users] Mcollective/Puppet Plug-In

Now, I am getting this ....

Thanks for the help!

puppet5 : Cannot validate input: Unknown
validator: 'puppet_server_address'.
Cannot validate input: Unknown validator:
still somewhere you're missing all the files

.puppetdev04 : Puppet
command 'puppet agent --test --onetime --daemonize --color=false --no-splay
--server puppetdev05' had exit code 1, expected 0
{:summary=> "Puppet command 'puppet agent --test --onetime
--daemonize --color=false --no-splay --server puppetdev05' had exit code 1,
expected 0"}
the command returned 1, try running it by hand?

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