On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 2:53 PM, GregC wrote:

I have a module that reads and creates bonding configuration with
persistent routes, by pulling those values and inserting into my static
route file on RH 5.6 like so:

<% bond_route.each do |bond_route| -%>
<%= bond_route %> via <%= bond_gateway %> dev bond<%= name %>
<%end -%>

Problem is that if I am missing any values for bond_route or bond_gateway
it will create the template with those values missing. I can do a puppet
run by giving it a blank value like so:

bond1_route = ""

Does anyone have a suggestions as to how I can detect and NOT execute this
module if the any variables are missing???
See puppetlabs-stdlib module validate_* functions.


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