I'm using io.Copy to shuttle data between two tcp connections, and There
doesn't seem to be a way of handling "use of closed network connection"
without converting the error to a net.OpError, and checking that
OpError.Err.Error() matches.

In looking at the io.Copy code, it breaks the for-loop if the Read returns
`err == EOF`, but it seems that a TCPConn will return a nil error, and 0
bytes read, similar to how a tcp socket works directly. I checked this by
copying the Copy function into my code, and adding
} else if nr == 0 {
// same as EOF
err = nil

I'm kinda new to the go codebase, and I'm not sure where the TCPConn.Read
is actually happening yet, but it seems like this should probably return
(0, EOF), instead of (0, nil). Does this look like a bug?

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