@Stephan, as it stands, the match parameter must be able to regex match the
line parameter. I think this is so you can only replace similar lines. You
could drop the $ at the end and it would probably work.

@bernard, I think something is wrong with the client you use to access the
group. Your replies are getting posted to random threads.
On Friday, January 18, 2013 12:07:44 AM UTC-8, Stefan Wiederoder wrote:

I´m using stdlib 3.2 on my 3.0.1 master/agent

my goal is to replace a line within a configuration file to add one more
server like this:
file_line { "xxx": line => "ALLOWHOST server1|server2", path => "/tmp/sw",
match => "^ALLOWHOST$", ensure => present }

I´ve tried to use match to ensure that the existing line is changed, but
I´m getting this error message:
Error: Failed to apply catalog: When providing a 'match' parameter, the
value must be a regex that matches against the value of your 'line'

how can I solve this?

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