On 1/17/2013 2:14 PM, Ashley Gould wrote:
Sorry for the rant. I'm sure the above suggestion would have issues
too. I'm now on my 3rd major overhaul of our puppet infrastructure
classes solely because of this one file. I refuse to believe this is a
conspiricy just to get us to purchase PE. But there must be a better
Oh good, I've been wanting to rant about this myself. However I have a
different take. Why do people insist on managing the agent and the
master in the same config file?

Stop it. It's complicated, brittle, and ultimately unnecessary.

A production Puppet master is usually running behind Apache/Passenger
or some other workalike. If you are still using webrick, you do not have
a production quality master and I don't care how you manage it.
Regardless of the http server you're using, your config.ru allows you to
manage the config of your Puppet master. You can use this to point the
master to its own config file.

ARGV << "--config=/etc/puppet/puppetmaster.conf"

Once you've done this separating into modules/puppet/ and
modules/puppetmaster/ starts to make sense as well.


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