I'm working on a new provider for puppet 3.x and Solaris 11's dladm
command. One of the subcommands is set-linkprop which is used to set
various properties for networking links. The problem is there are dozens
and dozens of properties that can be set depending on the type of link
(physical or virtual) or what type of physical card is slotted on the

I've been looking through some of the existing providers and the only thing
that comes even remotely close is the ZFS provider. The problem with that
provider is the list of possible properties is a hard-coded list. As
stated above, I can't really do something like that.

How can I design this provider, especially the exists? function, to handle
a dynamic list of valid properties? I was thinking of setting the type to
handle a manifest like:

linkprop { *'linkname'*:
     ensure => present,
     properties => { propname1 => value1, propname2 => value2, .... },

The exists? function would need to keep track of each individual propname
to pass off to create for later use. I'm assuming it's not an issue to
keep a "processed" hash table, but is that the "right" way to do it? Is
there a better way?

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