On Sun, Jan 06, 2013 at 08:54:23AM -0500, Brian Lalor wrote:
Morning, all. I've got a problem with a custom class and template that has me stumped. I've created the following class:

class graphite::carbon(
$cache_port = 2003,
$cache_enable_udp = false,
$cache_udp_port = $cache_port,
) {
package {'carbon': }

file {'/etc/carbon/carbon.conf':
content => template("graphite/carbon.conf.erb"),

require => Package['carbon'],
notify => Service['carbon-cache'],

service {'carbon-cache':
enable => true,
ensure => running,

require => Package['carbon'],

carbon.conf.erb contains this:

UDP_RECEIVER_PORT = <%= cache_udp_port %>

And I use the class like this:

class {'graphite::carbon': }

The problem I'm having is that, without making any changes *AT ALL* UDP_RECEIVER_PORT will sometimes have the default port of "2003" and other times "undef". This is with Puppet 2.7.17 in standalone mode.

Am I doing something wrong with the definition of cache_udp_port? I want it to default to the value provided for cache_port, which defaults to 2003.

No you are doing nothing wrong except that variable interpolation is
random so you get random results if the default value of parameterA
depends on the value of parameterB.

This has been accepted as a bug so you may want to watch


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